## Willkommen - Welcome - Bonvenon ### About me Hi, my name is Martin Schmidinger. I'm a software developer in Bregenz, Austria. ### Whats this about? This site is mostly for my own benefit and is used as diary and for keeping track of [stuff](https://genius.com/George-carlin-a-place-for-my-stuff-lyrics) which interests me. The new buzzword for this is [Digital Garden](https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/09/03/1007716/digital-gardens-let-you-cultivate-your-own-little-bit-of-the-internet/). So, like a garden, I hope I tend to it in the same way. My mother tongue is german, so some of the texts on this site are in this (complicated) language. But, for the purpose of learning, there are also texts in english or even esperanto. ### Hobbies Not in a particular order: - [[03. Computer]] - tech and the net culture - [[02. Books]] - lots of it - [[04. Podcasts]] - I'm a avid, daily listener - [[06. Stoic philosophy ]]- Marc Aurel, Epiktet usw. - [[07. Gear & Stuff]] - some of my gear & stuff - [[05. Climate & Environment]] - because it's our future ### Social Media Nothing to see here, as I feel social media gives me no benefit. It is only an time sink. Except this https://github.com/McMasc. So this is all for now ... Kind regards - *Martin*